Special products

Our company can deliver products within the whole range of mechanical engineering production.

Dimensional draft B-900-KOZ001

However, main directions have formed in the course of time and we primarily focus on them. At the first place there are deliveries of spare parts for crushers, sorting machines and other machinery used in the field of quarries, gravel and sand pits. They especially include jaws for jaw crushers, cones, casing, sealing rings etc. for conical crushers, impact moulds (rotor and stator) and abrasion-proof boards for lining up of impact crushers. This also includes links, rollers and tumblers for chains of bucket excavators.

A complete list of spare parts for these machines is extensive and we are able to include in production parts which currently do not make very quickly upon customer’s request.

At the second place there are deliveries of spare parts for various mining machines, such as scrapers, guiding channels, chain drums etc. for conveyors, a loading mechanism table, belt boards, pins, guides etc. for drilling cutter loaders and power loaders. In addition to these deliveries, we are able to ensure delivery of complete machines, including their maintenance and renovation.

At another place there are deliveries of model equipment for manual and machine moulding which we can deliver from making a drawing through the technological production procedure up to the final processing. We are able to deliver both manual and machine model equipment.

Last but not least, we are able to deliver drilling crowns which are exclusively made according to customer's requirements. We also deliver various parts to drilling hammers, such as special bronze inserts which need to be made at CNC machines and drawing machines due to their shapes.