Production and deliveries of forged pieces

We provide complete service in deliveries of die-forged pieces made of steel, from design of a forged piece to its thermal treatment, metal cutting, surface treatments and delivery to the required address.

The production process starts in the Design Department where all the necessary underlying documents are prepared for the production. After creating the drawing documentation, dies are manufactured in the tool shop and semi-finished products for forging are prepared.

Main production equipment consists of moulding lines for the production of die-forged pieces. These production lines consist of equipment for heating the material by means of electrical induction heating, and a forging (moulding) press and a press for trimming and punching of forged pieces. Forging equipment consists of forging presses (crank, screw types) and counter-blow hammers.

Our priority is our suppliers are only companies with modern machines and production procedures which correspond to the current European standard. A largest production volume is represented by parts for various types of mining, construction or agricultural machines.

Upon customer's request, we are able to deliver forged pieces including thermal processing and various surface treatments. All parts undergo output inspection according to customer's requirements.