Production and deliveries of foundry models

We have a free capacity for the production of foundry models.

We deliver model equipment for manual moulding of a piece production of cast pieces and model equipment for machine moulding on lines for the mass production, models for steel, alloys and non-ferrous metals.

The model equipment for manual moulding is rather used for piece series (1 to 10 pieces/month), model equipment for machine moulding is usually used for mass production up thousands of pieces per month. We deliver core moulds, model boards and other accessories to all models.

Upon customer's request, models as well as core moulds can be completely iron-bound. Parts modified in this way consequently withstand many more moulding cycles without any need for repair.

We are also able to provide the production of moulds for fire-clay factories. Moulds for cast concrete mixtures can be produced in combination of plastics and highly elastic polyurethanes to achieve quality and smooth product surface. We use polyurethane casting resins, wood or multiplex waterproof ply woods for the production.