Material structure

Our metallographic laboratory performs analyses of micro-structures of metal materials and their alloys using an Olympus BX 51M light microscope which can evaluate:

  • defects of materials – cracks, incompleteness, cavities, porosity
  • defects of foundry and consequent processing
  • chemical non-homogeneity
  • welds etc.

The evaluation of the micro-structures of metal materials is not only important for suppliers of various types of products, but also for customers of such products.

Examples of evaluations of micro-structures of Mn steels are given below:

Unsuitable steel micro-structure

nevhodna mikrostruktura 100
nevhodna mikrostruktura 500
Zoomed-in 100x
Zoomed-in 500x

Suitable steel micro-structure

vhodna mikrostruktura 100
vhodna mikrostruktura 500
Zoomed-in 100x
Zoomed-in 500x

We are able to analyze the structure of manganese steels not only with the use of Olympus microscope but also with the use of portable microscope BX 500E directly on the casting itself. The casting can be of any sizeand therefore we do not need to have a sample cut out of the casting.

Brillant 200 manual metallographic grinding cutter

Topas 130 automatic dosing system

Opal 410 automatic metallographic press

Saphir 520 single-wheel automatic grinder-polisher

Olympus BX 51M microscope