Material chemical composition

We use a Q4 TASMAN digital spectrometer, which uses a new type of CCD detectors without coating, to evaluate chemical composition of materials, metals and alloys.

Chemical analyses of materials serve for the determination and confirmation of a type of material and for the determination of the proportion of individual elements in the material. It is highly important in the evaluation of chemical composition e.g. of Mn steels where the content of Mn has a direct influence on the properties of cast pieces. We require the content of Mn to be 16-18% in most cases for cast pieces used for rock crushing. If the Mn content is below 16%, produced cast pieces have a lower hardness and shorter lifetime. When unsuitable chemical composition is detected, the supplier can claim the product and further ensure delivery of quality goods to the customer.

Chemical analysis of materials is therefore highly important both for suppliers of cast pieces, and for the customer.

BONAP-ICCZ s.r.o. offers these services to companies which want to determine chemical composition of various types of metal materials and be sure that the delivered or purchased product is of high quality.